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5 Reasons you should get a free quote from Palmer Roofing.

Thinking about a new roof or just looking to repair the one you have? Let’s face it; we don’t have all the time in the world to look up a credible contractor. But, it’s a big purchase, and future repairs can go through the roof (literally) if it’s not done right. Here are five reasons you should get a free quote from Palmer Roofing.

1. We Are Licensed and Bonded

This is the most important thing you need to look for when seeking out a roofing contractor. They should be licensed and their business needs to be bonded. When searching for a roofing contractor, call your local licensing office to confirm the contractor’s license is valid and has no outstanding issues. We have been licensed and bonded for over 50 years, and are ready to serve you.

2. We are Insured

We’ve got you covered. All contractors should have two types of insurance. Liability insurance protects the homeowner from damage caused by the roofers during repair or replacement. Workman’s Compensation insurance is to protect the owner if one of the workers gets injured during the project.

3. We Have 50 + Years Of Experience

We’ve been in this business for a long time, serving Washington and Oregon. With thousands of roofs replaced and repaired, our ratings speak for themselves. Check out for several reviews our valued clients have left us. Any contractor should be willing to provide you with references so that you can follow up with those clients and see if they were happy with the roofing services they received.

4. We Provide Free Estimates

We offer free inspections and consultations to our potential customers. This can sometimes be your first contact with a roofing company. It’s a great opportunity for you to evaluate the business and their professionalism, knowledge, promptness, and organization. Contact us; your quote is only a phone call away!

5. We Use High-Quality Products

Using poor materials can result in many consequential issues, such as water leaks and insufficient ventilation. No need to worry about that with us! We use award-winning brands, such as Firestone, Dinoflex, and EDPM. These products combined with our quality craftsmanship result in a long-lasting, incredibly durable roof. Please see our website for a list of the superior products we carry.

Whether you’re thinking about a new roof or repairing an existing one, contact us! We guarantee our work and our roofing experts will meet your expectations the first time.

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