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Benefits Of Annual Roof Inspections

It’s recommended that you have a roofing contractor come and check on your roof annually. Unfortunately, life gets busy and homeowners neglect to do so. But there are huge benefits to keep on top of the wellness of your roof. Here are some reasons why.

Catch Small Issues Before They Get Out Of Control

If your roof is covered in debris, weather elements, or pollution, it’s hard to spot if there is deep roof damage. Your roofing contractor will check your entire roof during the roof inspection.

They can determine if you need any small repairs, such as damaged shingles, flashing, gutters, or cracks before they worsen. If these aren’t repaired, you could face a full roof replacement or need more serious roof repairs.

Clogged Gutter Removal

If your gutters have leaves, twigs, and other debris that haven’t been removed from your roof, they can travel into your gutter system after a rainy day. Your gutters need a clear passage to transfer water from your roof to the ground and away from your home. If they’re clogged, water can pool on your roof and seep into your home, damaging your ceilings, walls, and other vulnerable areas of your home. On top of debris clogging your gutters, it can also hold moisture on your roof that can cause holes and other damage. A roofing contractor can remove all the debris so you have a clear pathway for water to pass through your gutters.

Pest & Animal Prevention

If you have debris on your roof, pests and animals can see this as the perfect environment for their new home. They can eat and burrow through the roof, causing extensive damage. If one of these animals happens to be a bird, they can leave droppings on your roof, which contains uric acid. This type of acid can dissolve many important materials on your roof and cause severe damage. The longer the acid sits on your roof, the longer it can sit and penetrate through roof layers. In addition to that, bird droppings sometimes have undigested plant seeds that can sprout in moist debris environments on your roof. The plant’s roots can penetrate through roof layers and cause additional damage. Your roofing contractor can effectively clean your roof annually and prevent the several potential issues that pests and animals can cause.

Moss Growth Removal

Moss holds moisture that your roof isn’t designed to withstand, and can cause roof decay. It can cause holes and other damage. It’s hard to get a handle on moss because a windy day can transfer moss spores from nearby trees and other areas onto your roof. Moss will then start to grow and make a home where it lands.

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