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Is your roof ready for winter?

Winter is coming! Don’t wait until ice and snow are on your doorstep. Get your roof prepped and ready for those low temperatures with these tips.

Missing Shingles

Replace these as soon as possible so your home doesn’t get water or ice damage in the coming winter months.

Hail Damage

Live in an area that has hail? Hail can cause dents, tears, or holes. You should check your roof and gutters for any signs of damage.


Check the flashing around your chimney, vent pipes, and along the valley of your roof. Flashing prevents any melting cold temperature elements from seeping into your home, causing damage. Is the flashing coming away from your roof or looking old? It should be replaced.


Make sure your gutters aren’t clogged and full after fall season. Grab a hose and pour water from a hose down your gutters until any debris is completely gone. Water should filter through your gutter and come straight down the catch basin. If this isn’t handled, water can back up and your gutters won’t drain correctly. That will then cause water to freeze and could cause damage to your roof. Make sure there aren’t any bent, cracked, or loose areas. Take a quick look at your downspouts as well.

Trim Your Trees

Any hanging branches hanging over your home? It’s a good idea to remove those, especially if a winter storm comes through. Ice and snow can also add weight to trees, making them more likely to breaking and falling on your roof during winter months. Trimming branches can also help reduce the amount of leaves that collect on your roof and in the gutters!

Schedule An Inspection

Have a professional come out and take a look at your roof. Most roofing companies offer a free estimate! They can help identify any small issues, which can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. They can evaluate the strength of your roof, any potential leaks, shingle issues, or damaged gutters.

Notice some issues with your roof? Not sure what to look for?

Schedule an appointment today with us at Palmer Roofing!

With over 50 years of experience, our team of residential roofing experts provide award-winning customer service. We are located in the surrounding Tri-Cities or Pendleton, OR area.

Call us today for your free estimate!

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