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Look Out For These Roofing Issues Every Summer

Even though summer months are more mild than other seasons and have little to no storms, roof issues can still occur. Here are a few things to look out for during the warmer months.

UV Damage

The sun can dry out your roof’s shingles, leaving them susceptible to cracking. Look for brittle shingles that need repairing.

Winter Damages

Look for any damages the previous winter may have created. Give yourself peace of mind and get any issues taken care of so you have a strong roof for the next winter season. You don’t want to go into harsh winter months with a vulnerable roof! Look for cracks, damaged shingles, and leaks.


A common summer roof issue, moss and algae growth should be addressed as soon as it starts growing. If you leave it to spread, moisture can accumulate in the areas of growth and cause significant water damage. Wood can rot and roof leaks can form.

This summer, contact your local roofing contractor to come out and perform a roof inspection to make sure your roof is in great condition before the winter months approach!

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