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What Can Happen If Your Roof Is Poorly Installed?

When a roof isn’t installed correctly, it can cause serious issues down the road, such as water leaks, missing/damaged shingles, and more. It’s recommended that you always do your research and hire a roofing contractor who has experience and a trusted reputation within your community.

Missing Shingles

Nails hold down the shingles on your roof. When nails aren’t installed properly, and/or not enough of them, your shingles can easily shift in even the slightest weather conditions.

Caved In Roof

If gutters aren’t installed correctly, water can accidentally end up on a part of your roof that is not suited to handle the water. The water can build up, potentially causing a roof collapse, causing serious water damage.

Water Leaks

Flashing is metal that is placed where parts of your roof meet. It helps protect areas from accumulating water. If this is improperly installed, water leaks can occur.

Water leaks can also happen when shingles are installed correctly. They need to be laid in a certain way, and if not, can leave areas of your roof vulnerable.

Make sure that you hire an experienced roofing contractor to properly replace or repair your roof. If the job isn’t done correctly, you’re risking a lot of damage to your wallet, your home, and your safety.

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