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Metal Roofing and Siding For Commercial & Residential Roofs


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Update your home or business the stylish and efficient way with metal roofing from our company.

Palmer Roofing offers professional installation of vertical panel and metal tiles.

Meta tile residential roof completion

Vertical Panel Roofing Contractors

Vertical panel roofing, commonly referred to as standing seam metal roofing, is characterized by its raised interlocking seams and flat areas. It's a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings due to its durability, energy efficiency, and modern aesthetic appeal.

Steel roofing panels have historically been used on commercial, industrial, and farm buildings. Today's technological advances in building materials allow these to be installed on not only your business but your home as well. With pre-painted panels you have the opportunity to make your vision become reality.

Key Features of Vertical Panel Roofing:

  • Durable Construction: Made primarily from metal (such as steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper), it can last 40-70 years, much longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

  • Weather Resistant: Its design allows for fewer places where water can settle, reducing the chance of leaks.

  • Interlocking Panels: These provide enhanced wind resistance, making them ideal for areas prone to severe storms.

  • Cool Roofing: The panels reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat, leading to energy savings.

  • Variety of Finishes: Available in a plethora of colors and finishes, they can complement various architectural styles.

Benefits of Vertical Panel Roofing:

  • Longevity: It can outlast most other roofing materials by decades.

  • Energy Efficiency: The metal reflects the sun's rays, helping in reducing cooling costs.

  • Eco-friendly: Often made from recycled material and can be recycled at the end of its life.

  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance, especially when compared to roofing materials like wood.


Vertical panel roofing installation requires precision to ensure the seams align correctly, ensuring a watertight and visually appealing finish. It's crucial to:

  • Prepare the Roof Deck: Ensure it's smooth and free of any debris.

  • Install Underlayment: This provides an extra layer of protection against moisture.

  • Lay the Panels: They should be aligned from the bottom edge of the roof and secured with hidden fasteners.

  • Seal the Seams: Standing seams are typically crimped or mechanically sealed to ensure they remain watertight

Metal Tile

If you are looking for a metal roofing for your home call Palmer Roofing today!  What sets Palmer Roofing apart from any other local roofing contractor is that we use a standing seam metal roofing panel with non-exposed fasteners. Palmer Roofing uses our own portable onsite roll former, minimizing waste and long lead times for your metal roofing pleasure.


Standard tile roofs can be heavy and costly to maintain. Metal tile has the aesthetics of classic tile with the lightness and strength of stone-coated steel. 

Properly installed a metal roof should last as long as the house sealing out water, surviving high winds, and easily sheading snow. Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot.

black metal tile roof

Metal Roofing Strengths

Metal roofing's unique benefits make it a favorite choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

To list a few advantages you will see with metal roofs:

Metal roofs last ranging between 20 to 50 years.

Metal roofs resist wear and tear from fire, rot, and insects.

Metal roofs are lightweight and easy to install allowing for a cheaper cost to you.

Metal roofs withstand a lot longer against rain and snow.

Metal roofs are designed with a gradual slope making maintenance easier.


These key benefits make metal roofing the perfect long-term investment for your home or commercial building. Put your trust in an experienced metal roofing contractor. Choose Palmer Roofing. Whether you choose metal tiles or vertical panels we'll work closely with you to ensure it lasts.

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