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Signs Of Moisture In Your Attic

Do you want to make sure you don’t have excess moisture in your attic? Moisture accumulation tends to occur during winter and spring months when moist air from the main floor travels up into the attic. When that air meets with the cold air under your roof, the combination can result in condensation. During the winter months, condensation will turn to frost or ice, which is not a risk in that state. However, when temperatures change, it will turn back into condensation. This can dampen important areas, such as insulation and wood. Anything that is now wet or damp in your attic is susceptible to rot and mold. This can also leave your roof vulnerable, and cause a leak. Here are some signs that you have excess moisture in your attic.

  • Frost or ice buildup, or rusting on the roof nails

  • Buckled or wet roof sheathing damage

  • Mold or Mildew

  • Moist insulation

  • Water marks or dark stains on the attic floor and/or along walls

  • Damp wood

  • Musky odor

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